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Our Talented Team at Evergreen Crossing & The Lofts

In our community, we are fortunate to bring together a team of exceptional caregivers that keep our mission, focus, and goal on target, providing high-quality services for our senior.

Each section that makes Evergreen Crossing & The Lofts an outstanding senior housing campus is managed and maintained by experienced staff, who are dedicated to supporting our seniors in every way possible. At our community, we have professional staff in the following areas.

  • Administrative Services
  • Building Services
  • Community Relations/Marketing
  • Food Services
  • Resident Services
  • Wellness

Our designated administrative and resident services coordinators are directly available to you! We appreciate open communication and the opportunity to connect with our seniors and their families. Our Building Services Coordinator takes care of campus needs and is always available to lend a helping hand if you require assistance in your apartment.

Seniors are served delicious, restaurant style, healthy meals, thanks to the culinary expertise of our food-service coordinator and creative staff. With our full-coverage, multi-level approach to interdisciplinary service in all areas we continue to provide our senior the benefit of dedicated, experienced staff and coordinators with a designated director at the helm.

If you have any questions about our team or would like more information about the services we provide, please contact us at (317) 291-5404 or connect with us online. When calling, you can also schedule a date to visit our community or use the convenient online form to select a date and time for a tour.