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10 Summer Hobbies to Keep Your Senior Smiling


Summer is here, and that means more opportunities for fun activities! It's important for older adults to remain active to prevent senior isolation and loneliness as well as reduce potential health issues. Each activity can help keep seniors' brains active and can give them a feeling of satisfaction and independence. Take a look at the following activities to see which hobbies your loved one might be interested in:

1. Walking

Taking a walk around the community or at a local park is a great way for seniors to stay in shape, boost their immune system, prevent future physical disability, and help manage pain from arthritis.

2. Board Games & Puzzles

Playing games and putting together puzzles are brain-challenging activities that can sustain cognitive function and even help in preventing dementia.

3. Swimming

Taking a dip in the pool can help seniors cool off during the hot summer months. Not only that, but swimming is a great exercise that's easy on the joints!

4. Gardening

Older adults can physically and mentally benefit from gardening, as it can help reduce stress, give them a reason to get some fresh air, provide a form of physical activity, and give them satisfaction knowing they helped make something grow.

5. Watch a Movie

Grabbing a seat at the community theater or watching a televised movie provide seniors with entertainment that can help stimulate their minds and relax their bodies at the same time.

6. Reading

Getting lost in a good book is a wonderful pastime for seniors! It can help reduce stress, enhance sleep, and improve memory!

7. Spend Time Outdoors

Soaking up the sun on a park bench or taking a leisurely stroll with a friend is a perfect way for seniors to enjoy nature and get their daily dose of vitamin D.

8. Playing an Instrument

Grab an old guitar and strum a few chords! Research has shown that musical training can boost brain function, enhance long-term memory, improve reaction time, reduce stress and depression, and develop multisensory skills.

9. Participating in an Exercise Class

Fitness classes provide great socialization opportunities for seniors that allow them to spend time with others while simultaneously strengthening and conditioning their bodies, which can help prevent a variety of health problems.

10. Cooking

This activity will not only provide a feeling of achievement for your senior but can also bring friends and family together to share a healthy homemade meal! 

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Thursday, 20 June 2019

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