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4 Early Signs of Alzheimer's


September 21st is World Alzheimer's Day. This designated day is part of an international campaign aimed at raising awareness and challenging the stigma that surrounds Alzheimer's-related dementia. The stigmatization and lack of information about Alzheimer's remain global problems that call for increased awareness. To do your part for this international day of recognition, spread awareness, and learn more about Alzheimer's care support and research.

The early stages of Alzheimer's can be very mild and difficult to diagnose right away. Your loved one may still drive and be a part of social activities. Despite their everyday lives, they may have memory lapses, such as forgetting familiar and everyday things. They may begin to appear more forgetful than usual. One of the most common signs is if your loved one asks the same question repeatedly. This may indicate that their memory loss is disrupting daily life. It is important to clearly define the symptoms and talk with their primary care physician when seeking a diagnosis. 

Early Onset Common Symptoms:

  • Memory Loss – coming up with the right words or names, trouble with planning or organization, frequently losing or misplacing objects 
  • Difficulty with Familiar Tasks – trouble driving to a familiar location such as to the gas station, not remembering the rules of a game, problems with creating a grocery list
  • Poor Judgement – poor decision-making skills, problems dealing with money, paying less attention to grooming and proper hygiene 
  • Withdrawal from Work or Social Life – problems holding or following a conversation, a decline in social interaction and participating in hobbies, difficulty keeping up with a favorite sports team, activities, or family obligations
Memory can change or decrease as one gets older. This can vary on a case-by-case basis. It can be challenging to obtain an exact diagnosis because symptoms may appear to be a result of typical everyday life events. If you think it's time to start talking to your loved one about an assisted living community or specialized memory care, it's time to speak to the experts at services and amenities offered at Evergreen Senior Living and The Legacy: Memory Support. Please contact us at (309) 274-5440. Evergreen Senior Living of Chillicothe is a compassionate community that provides exceptional care and support to seniors in Chillicothe and the surrounding areas.
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