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5 Causes of Elderly Falls in the Home


Falling is one of the most common senior safety issues. It can result in devastating injuries and in some cases, even death. Adults over the age of 65 are at a higher risk of falling, with one in four Americans suffering from a fall each year. Understanding the causes of elderly falls can help you, and your senior take the necessary steps to prevent these accidents.

1. Worsening Health 

The aging process is often accompanied by poor eyesight, impaired hearing, and loss of balance, which can all lead to falls. Diseases and other illnesses can also weaken the body, thus increasing the risk of falling.

2. Medications
Certain side effects of medicines can be responsible for causing a fall, as many can affect the brain, cause drowsiness or dizziness, cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, and lower blood sugar.

3. Return from the Hospital 
If your loved one has recently undergone a surgery or other extensive medical procedure, their body is in a weakened state. This automatically increases their risk of taking a tumble.

4. Environment

Items within a home such as small pieces of furniture, magazines or shoes on the floor, and slippery spots on hardwood can all increase the chances for seniors to trip or slip.

5. The Fear of Falling

If a senior has fallen before, they are usually afraid it will happen again. This fear makes them avoid daily physical activities, which leads to reduced fitness levels and in turn, heightens the potential for falls.

Here are a few things seniors can do to prevent falls:

  • Engage in regular physical activity to strengthen leg muscles
  • Make sure eyesight and hearing are tested frequently to catch any changes
  • Be aware of the side effects of all medications
  • Stand slowly – sometimes standing up too quickly can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure
  • Use a cane or walker if necessary
  • Wear proper footwear such as non-skid tennis shoes
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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

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