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6 Technology Tips for Seniors


An AARP national survey showed that 51% of American seniors bought a new tech device within the past year. Even though many seniors are jumping on the technology bandwagon, there are still many who are reluctant to learn how to use the tech properly or are not using it to its fullest potential. Some seniors do not understand or believe that the use of technology will enhance the quality of their lives. This is an excellent place for the family to step in and help. You can show your senior all the ways technology can be used! 

A starting place can be playing online games, setting up Skype or FaceTime calls with family or friends on their smartphone or tablet, watching old movies or listening to music on streaming platforms, or searching for subjects of interest to them on Google. Below are a few tips to help your senior embrace the technology of today:

1. Overcome the Fear 
Many seniors will tell their family that they are too old to learn, they don't see any value in technology, think social media is for kids, are nervous about the security risks, and so on. Many seniors are just afraid of something that's new and are intimidated. Once you explain the benefits and your senior realizes the many benefits of technology, the fear should begin to subside. 

2. Attitude is Everything
Even if something is learned one day and forgotten the next, it's important that you are patient with your loved one and that they are open to learning. You both must remember that learning new things takes time, but an old dog can learn new tricks! 

3. Ask for Help
Technology comes easy for today's youth, as they have grown up with it, and it is natural to them. Remind your loved one that it's always okay to ask others for help! Children and grandchildren can offer assistance when needed. The goal is to learn, so there is no shame in asking questions. 

4. Explore and Practice 
Seniors should try to use technology whenever there is an opportunity. This consistent, hands-on experience will help increase familiarity and sharpen tech skills. It's also important that seniors can use their device without restriction. Many people learn by doing, so let your loved one explore what their tech device can do! 

5. Learn Google First 
Think of Google as the Encyclopedia of Britannica of today. It is a resource for anything one wants to find or learn about - history, stores, restaurants, directions, etc. Show your senior that they can use Google to get where they want to go. Happy surfing!

6. Learn Basic Online Safety 
It is crucial that seniors understand online security risks and how to prevent their information from being compromised. Strong password creation, not opening emails or attachments from unknown senders, and knowing when to provide personal information are all things that should be discussed with your loved one. 

If your loved one has reached a point where you are concerned about cognitive ability, and you're considering a senior living option, Evergreen Place Assisted Living and Evergreen Village Supportive Living are available. To learn more, please contact Evergreen Place at (309) 451-9355 or Evergreen Village at (309) 452-7300, or take a virtual tour of our campuses! 

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