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Coping With Stress During the Holidays

Coping With Stress During the Holidays

For many, the holidays can be the most exciting and stressful time of the year. Not only is stress created from the holidays alone, but it also can come from unexpected changes to your loved one's wellbeing. The holidays can be a time for families to come together, and with that is the possibility of discovering your loved one needs support. It is important to remember that the way we interact with seniors can make a huge difference during difficult times. Here are some things to remember while coping with family stress during the holidays.

  1. Include family members – Because the holidays are a time of coming together, your loved one will most likely think of family often. Be sure to include your loved one in family activities such as dinners and trips. Also, never forget the usefulness and convenience of a video call.

  2. Share responsibilities – Tackling everything alone can cause a build-up in stress. Allocating tasks to other family members could be a great way of stepping back while ensuring things are done. It is okay to ask for help when handling family related tasks.

  3. Learn to say no – Holidays tend to bring commitment and promises that sometimes do not turn out. Remember, spreading holiday cheer does not have to involve a promise you cannot keep. Friends and colleagues may reach out for your support during projects and activities, but they will most likely understand that you are not always available.

  4. Plan ahead – One key to eliminating stress is to prevent it in the first place. Making a family schedule around the holidays can be very useful and help you accomplish the most important things. Also, remember that budgeting can ease financial stress during the holidays!

Evergreen Senior Living in Chillicothe is excited for the upcoming holidays! This time of the year is exciting for seniors and their families and our staff of caregivers. When stressful situations arise, remember to reach out to others for their support. Also keep in mind that Evergreen Senior Living offers respite care. Our staff is always happy to help! Contact Evergreen Senior Living of Chillicothe at (309) 274-5440 or online at 

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