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Having the Conversation with Your Parent


It can be sensitive to discuss a senior care facility with your loved one. The earlier you start the conversation, the more time you have for your parent or loved one to warm up to the idea. If you are considering talking to your senior about care options, here are a few tips to help ease into the conversation.

It's okay to involve others and discuss the options with them first.

The future care plan opinions for your parent or loved one may be different between family members. Talk with each other to agree on how to best bring up the idea. Coming together to express your love and concern for your senior's safety can help your senior become more comfortable with the idea. It may also be important to involve your senior's medical professionals in the discussion. Physicians can be a voice of reason and may help your loved one understand your concerns.

Have a list of options in mind before discussing the topic.

You can choose the best time to have the conversation with your loved one and plan ahead for when the right moment arrives. Provide multiple brochures, a list of your concerns, websites, and ideal locations, so your loved one is involved within the decision-making process. This is a big change for your senior you may need to have multiple conversations. Try having regular discussions about the transitions before it becomes urgent for your loved one's health.

Be prepared to discuss the financial aspect with your loved one.

The finances of senior living options are a critical factor in the transition process. Financial considerations should be discussed with your loved one and any family members that may also be contributing. Researching what your options will cost can give you a better idea of what you can afford. If you need additional help, many senior care facilities will have an on-site advisor who can walk you through financial questions. There are many affordable options, so don't let finances discourage you from looking into the senior care communities.

Tour a local senior living community together.

If your loved one is willing to tour a local facility, make it a trip you take together. You can meet with the community's director and get all your questions answered by a professional. Taking a tour allows your loved one to see the environment and alleviates worries they may have of what a community is like. Visiting a location will help your senior understand what they'll experience, what services and amenities are available, and the lifestyle, culture, and neighbors they could have. Seeing the community will help your loved one visualize where they could be and encourage them to accept the move.

Here at Evergreen Senior Living, we know that having a conversation with your loved one about assisted living is sensitive. No matter what the situation may be, we are always willing to help with your senior's needs. We offer the best care while still giving your senior as much independence as possible. For questions about assisted living, call (217) 530-4300. For more information, visit our website or schedule a tour to see our location. 

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