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Laughter is the Best Medicine - Proven

We hear it all the time, "Laughter is good for the soul!". Does laughter really have proven health benefits? Apparently, it does! In addition to laughter, having a healthy lifestyle, a positive sense of humor and a good attitude all contribute to improved health. But laughter does impact our health, because the act of laughing changes our bodies physiologically. We begin to breathe faster, so we take in more oxygen that radiates into our tissues. Our blood pressure and pulse go up, and the muscles in our face and body stretch. We have all experienced the feeling of laughing until our bellies hurt, it's a wonderful feeling!

That positive sense of humor can also help our immune system response to potential illness. Some researchers believe that the ability to employ humor may raise a person's level of infection-fighting antibodies and boost our immune cell levels. It has also been studied that people who watch a comedy versus a drama have blood vessels that behave normally. This means they expand and contract easily. But watching a drama can cause those blood vessels to tense up and restrict blood flow.

From a social aspect, the sound of laughter drifting across the room draws people together. We all want to know what is so funny so we can be a part of the fun. Everyone knows a person that has an infectious laugh, that just hearing the sound of it can cause us to laugh along with them. This social coming together triggers healthy emotional and physical changes that can reduce stress or anxiety. Have you ever been having a bad day, then had a good laugh and said, "Wow, I really needed that?" or "That felt good!".It's because the act of laughing helps ease burdens, release anger, provide hope and bring us back to a place of balance. It's often hard to stay mad at a friend or loved one when they can make us laugh.

Everyone can always use a laugh, it's good for you! Learn more about opportunities to connect and laugh with the seniors in our communities, by visiting our website at

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