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Parent-Child Role Reversal: What to Expect


Relationships between parents and children change over time. Eventually, a parent-child role reversal may take place, meaning adult children are now "parenting" their elderly parent. This is a challenging transition for both parents and children, causing both parties to feel vulnerable and confused. This role reversal allows children to take care of their parents and make the best decisions for their safety, just as their parents have done for most of their lives. What can you expect as you enter this new stage in your relationship with your parents? 

What Does Parent-Child Role Reversal Look Like?
As the roles between you and your parents shift, what should you be expecting? Even though you are the child, you may find yourself managing your parents' finances, living situations, and be responsible for their healthcare (doctors appointments, paying healthcare bills, etc.). This may seem like a daunting task, but long-term senior care communities can be a great solution, as they can assist your parents with daily tasks as well as provide the appropriate medical care needed. 

How Do You Care For Your Parents?
Taking care of friends, spouses, or your children is much different than taking care of your parents. Your parents are dealing with the loss of their independence, and their ability to complete the daily tasks they've been doing for 70+ years is declining. That is a hard reality for your parents to face. Remember that it's not easy for them. It's also crucial to keep your parents as involved with decision-making as much as possible rather than taking complete control. While you may ultimately have to make a decision they are not happy with, if you consider their wishes and assure them you are doing what is best for their health and safety, it could lead to a less stressful transition.

Always remember that your parents will always be your parents; it's just your turn to care for them like they have cared for you your entire life. Evergreen Senior Living of Chillicothe is a compassionate community that provides exceptional care and support to seniors in Chillicothe and the surrounding areas. If you think it's time to start talking to your loved one about an assisted living community or you want to learn about the services and amenities offered at Evergreen Senior Living, please contact us at (309) 274-5440.
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