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Senior Living Options: Having the Conversation with Your Parents


There comes a time in many parent-child relationships where the topic of assisted living may arise. This can be a tricky conversation, especially when the child is the one who brings it up. While you may dread this conversation, putting it off will make it even harder for you and your aging parents. If you feel it is time to look into assisted living options, it is probably for your parent's safety. While nothing will make this simple, there are some ways to ease into the conversation. 

Talk About the Options
The way you bring up senior living options to your parents is important. It is essential to discuss all possibilities positively to ease your parent's minds. This conversation should not be you telling your parents they will be moving. Instead, you should discuss your concerns with them being sure to give them as much choice in the situation as possible. This way, your parents will have time to wrap their minds around the idea and slowly transition into senior living. Keeping your parents involved in the conversation will make a world of difference. Keep in mind that this is not a conversation you have in one day. Keep the conversation going so you can all get more accustomed to the idea. 

Discuss Finances
Finances are an important aspect of senior living options. It's critical to both you and your parents to take the time to sit down and go over their finances and yours if you are planning to contribute. This will help all of you have an idea of your options and how much you can afford to spend on senior living. There are many affordable options, so don't let finances discourage you from looking into senior living – all seniors deserve a safe environment to spend the next stage of their life. 

Involve Other People
If your parent is fighting you on the idea of moving into supportive or assisted living, it may be time to involve close family members. If you have siblings, try and join forces to express your love, support, and concern for your parent's safety. It may also be smart to involve your parent's family doctor. Since your doctor is a medical professional, they can act as a voice of reason in this situation. Overall, you want your parents to know that they have many people in their lives who simply want the best for them. 

Tour Local Senior Living Communities Together
Hesitation from parents is normal but ask them if they are willing to just tour local senior living facilities with you. You can meet with the community's directors and learn all about living quarters, meal options, entertainment, medical assistance, payment plans, and get all your questions answered by professionals. Allowing your parents to visualize where they could live and experience the amenities available may help sway them towards moving.

If you notice your parents having a hard time caring for themselves, it may be time to have a conversation with them about senior living options. For questions about assisted living, call Evergreen Place at (309) 451-9355. For more information on supportive living, please call Evergreen Village at (309) 452-7300.
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