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Help your Senior Reach their New Year’s Resolutions!

New Years Resolutions!

The New Year is here, and what better time to create new goals to make ourselves better, happier, and healthier! Creating goals for the year is both exciting and can be a little challenging to put those goals into action. Whether or not your senior has a New Year's resolution in mind, it's never too late to better yourself! We want to help your senior reach their goals this year with these New Year's resolution tips!

1.Stay Positive!

Research shows that maintaining a positive mindset comes with many health benefits! Implementing change in one's life is never easy. But one must have a positive mindset to reach those goals! If you find your senior or yourself struggling to maintain a positive outlook, incorporate happy thoughts and positive thinking into your day-to-day routine. Start an I am thankful list and write down one thing you are grateful for every day. Or concentrate on breathing and taking each step day by day. We are so grateful to a have team that encourages and motivates our seniors to be their very best!

2.Get Enough Sleep

Even as a senior, sleep helps to maintain your immune and improves memory and concentration. While your senior may have a goal on their mind for the 2023 year, it is still important that your senior receives between seven to nine hours of sleep per night. To reach those goals, one must be well-rested and focused! Our team understand the importance of sleep, and the major benefits that come with it. You can rest assured that your senior receives the perfect amount of sleep to wake up energized and ready to take on the day!

3.Maintain your Brain

The more you use your mind, the better it will work! Evergreen Senior Living includes many activities, including socializing, physical activity, and mental workouts. These are all activities that will help give your senior a brain boost. Implementing these activities into your senior's daily routine puts them in a great goal-oriented headspace.

Learn more about the encouraging team at Evergreen Senior Living in Decatur by calling us at 217-864-4300, or see for yourself by scheduling a tour with your loved one today!

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