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Share the Holiday Spirit With your Senior


 Perhaps your loved ones can not make it out this year, but there is no reason that you can't bring the holiday season to them! Here are a few ideas to make this holiday season even brighter!

Shine some light on the season. Everyone knows that subdivision or house that takes Christmas decorating very seriously! You know, the ones that spruce up every tree and leave no door undecorated. We challenge you to take a ride tonight armed with your phone. Take some great pictures. Better yet, take some fun video! Share these with your senior – showcase the wreaths, glowing candy canes, blinking lights, and larger than life Santas you found. It's bound to cause a smile!

Tune in to holiday music. Many local holiday stations are playing a variety of Christmas songs, so it's a great time to make sure your senior has a radio or online radio access. Let your senior know what stations offer top holiday selections. The two of you can even listen together on the phone or Facetime. You can take a moment to sing to some fun and familiar sounds. Think of the classics such as Bing Crosby, White Christmas. Can you both remember the words?

Share the snow! Help your senior remember the magical, white powder that brought Frosty to life! Real snow is too cold and melts too fast. However, artificial snow is fun, non-toxic, and mixes up easily with a little water. Artificial snow can be purchased online, at local craft stores, or even made at home with baking soda.

Cookies, of course! What was the favorite treat in your home? Was it gingerbread men? Sugar cookies? Maybe peanut brittle? Think about sharing a few of your senior's favorites this year! Sometimes just the look of the cookie brings back the joys of baking and family.

Share the story! When you can't get together in person, you can always schedule a time to talk by phone or Facetime. Consider inviting the whole family, including kids, and remembering your family's favorite holiday stories. You may even consider sharing The Christmas Story; you know the one with the star and a baby? While everyone knows the ending, it can be a magical time to share a story that created the reason for the season. 

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