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Successful Living Transitions: Empower Your Senior

Successful Living Transitions: Empower Your Senior

Transitioning from independent living to assisted or supportive care can be a challenge. Your loved one could lose a sense of confidence and individuality. Change can be hard, however when handled well, it can be amazing. Help your loved one cope by offering them the ability to take control of what they can within their world. Empathic empowerment is the key to successful transitioning. Here's how:

  1. Help your senior stay connected with others. Social isolation can cause your loved one to lose a sense of importance. One great way to boost interactions is to show them the technology available to stay in touch. Video calls can be a great way for your loved one to extend their connection and help eliminate isolated feelings.

  2. Allow your loved one to plan! Avoid trying to micromanage your senior's schedule or plans, giving autonomy to manage their time can create a sense of independence. Planning out days or weeks with them can build confidence. When your loved one chooses what their schedule will consist of, the act of making their own decisions can build confidence.

  3. Assist your senior in helping others. Your loved one may not like being at the center of support. Helping others can cause seniors to feel important and useful. Serving others can give your loved one the confidence and worthiness they need.

  4. Make tasks easier. Finding better or easier ways of doing tasks can lift your loved one's attitude, especially when a lifestyle change occurs. Ever think of placing rubber bands around the cup to make handling a drink easier? Simple ideas like this can be a great way to boost your loved one's creativity and make them feel accomplished.

  5. Help them stay organized. Seniors may become discouraged when they forget things. Organizing things such as medication can keep your loved one on schedule and ease some of their stress.

At Evergreen Senior Living, our professional staff will work to ensure your senior keeps their sense of individuality. We can assist with the transition process and support your senior in as many ways as possible. Have a question about Evergreen Senior Living? Call Evergreen Place at 309-451-9355 or our Evergreen Village at 309-452-7300. Also, visit our website! 

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