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The Importance of Companionship

Friend, pal, buddy, confidant, companion.No matter what word you use for it, they all mean the same thing:a person with whom one spends a lot of time with and has a bond of mutual affection.Companionship is a vital aspect to human survival. People form friendships from very young ages throughout their entire life.

The need for companionship in the elderly is just as important as a young child seeking a friend.Companionship has been shown to help decrease depression.Without having a person in your life to offer you friendship and company, an individual can develop feelings of loneliness, isolation, and even feel neglected.Friendships offer feelings of happiness and worthiness.As a senior, it can be difficult at times to find the ambition to keep up with your favorite hobbies.When you have a friend by your side, they can encourage you to get up and do the things you enjoy, which are made even better because you are doing these things with someone that enjoys your company as well!Another important aspect of having a companion is that there is someone who is with you on a regular basis, and might notice physical changes, as well as mood changes in you, which could point to a health issue. Noticing subtle changes can be lifesaving.Also, seniors with companions are also more likely to share their own concerns with their companion, and the companion is then able to help before a small issue turns into a bigger problem.

Companions can come in many forms.A companion can be a close family member, a friend from church, or a caregiver.The best friendships form over time from one person learning about the other person and being able to share stories and interests.When you live in a setting such as a skilled nursing facility, you have many people that you see on a daily basis, whether it is a peer, or a caregiver in the facility.Your peers can be wonderful companions because you are able to find someone who might be going through the same experiences as you, and you can vent to one another about your concerns.Besides your peers, caregivers can be the best companion.They see you every day, and learn your likes, dislikes, and your routine.Caregivers see you on your best days, and your worst days, and learn your interests through getting to know you as they take care of you.They can encourage you to attend activities that you might find enjoyable, and they are there if you need someone to talk to.At Evergreen Senior Living, we take pride in the fact that when you move into one of our locations, it is now your home, filled with new family members to love, care for you, and look out for you.

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