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The Importance of Medication Management

The Importance of Medication Management

As people age, their daily medications tend to increase. While we take medications to improve our quality of life, when they're taken inconsistently, at the wrong time, or mixed with other medications incorrectly, they may be hurting instead of helping us. With so many medications to take, it can be hard to remember the instructions for each specific medication. This is where medication management becomes vital. 

What is medication management?
Medication management is a strategy to monitor medications to ensure that they are taken in proper doses, at the correct times each day, and that dangerous drug interactions are not taking place.

Why do we need medication management?
One in five medications are never filled.
● Among medications filled, 50% are not taken as prescribed.
● Improper drug interactions can lead to dangerous side-effects and even hospitalizations.
● Correct drug adherence leads to a better quality of life because your medications are being used as intended.
● Family members and friends experience less stress when they know their loved ones are taking their medications properly.
● The side effects of drugs can increase if medications are not taken properly

What can you do on your own to manage your medications?
● Keep a list of all the medications you are on and don't forget to update it frequently!
● With each medication, write out how often you should take them and the advised time of day.
● Take note of the side effects for each drug, so if you experience any, you can pinpoint it to a specific medication.
● Write down or check off when you take each drug, so you remember how often you're taking them.
● Ask for help! If managing your medications on your own is too stressful, don't be afraid to reach out to loved ones.

At Evergreen Village and Evergreen Place Assisted Living, we offer resources to ensure that your loved ones are taking their medications properly and given all of the support they need. To learn more about our other services, schedule a tour today!
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