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Tips On Communicating With Seniors With Hearing Loss


Hearing loss is one of the most common things experienced among seniors. Trying to communicate with seniors that suffer from hearing loss can be very difficult for both parties. However, there are a few tips that can make communication clearer and easier. Some of these include:

Face the person being talked to

When talking to someone to someone with hearing loss it's important to face them. This allows them to read your lips when talking to help them process what you're saying if their hearing is minimal.

Keep it short and sweet

Making sure that phrases and sentences are concise and straight to the point is key. It can be difficult to try to decipher long and complex sentences when suffering from hearing loss.

Try to cut out background noise when possible

Background noise can make it hard for people with good hearing to make out what someone is trying to say. Therefore, it is especially important when talking to someone with hearing loss as it can make it almost impossible for them to hear.

Change speed and pronunciation of words

The rate at which you talk and how you pronounce words can make a big impact on someone with hearing loss being able to hear you. Slowing down the speed of talking and making sure to clearly pronounce words can be very helpful and be the difference between someone being able to hear you or not.

Position yourself properly

Some people may have better hearing in one ear than the other. If this is the case, position yourself so that you're closer to the better ear to make it as easy as possible to hear.

Reword phrases when needed

If you find that the person you are trying to talk to simply cannot hear what you're saying, try rewording instead of repeating. Using different words and a shorter phrase can make a world of difference for anyone with decreased hearing.

At Evergreen Senior Living in Decatur, we make sure that we make life as easy as possible for people who have hearing loss. Our patient and diligent staff makes sure to work with each and every resident with passion and care. For more information about our facility visit our website or give us a call today.

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