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Tips on Home Safety for Seniors


 Falls are one of the most common ways that seniors are injured. A lot of the time, falls occur in the home. Many of these situations can be avoided by taking safety precautions. Here are a few home safety tips for seniors:

Take advantage of some simple home upgrades:

  • Taping all rugs down to prevent movement
  • Having railings available throughout staircases
  • Properly lighting all areas of the home and adding motion lights for the night
  • Adding floor mats to the shower
  • Installing grab bars next to beds, toilets, or any area that requires standing up
  • Removing any wiring or power cords that are on the floor
  • Keeping clutter and miscellaneous items off the ground
  • Ensuring that the driveway and sidewalk are free from major holes or cracks

While the home must be set up safely, some things can also be done while maneuvering around the home to stay safe. This includes things like:

  • Avoiding walking around while groggy or dizzy
  • Turning on lights before walking in dark areas
  • Not Walking around the home with wet shoes on
  • Not Walking up or down staircases after consuming alcohol
  • Refraining from carrying heavy items up or down the stairs
  • Asking for help if ever feeling uncomfortable maneuvering in the home

Well-equipping and maneuvering safely around the home are the best ways to prevent seniors from getting hurt. If both are done properly, this greatly minimizes the chances of preventable injuries. It's also a good idea for seniors to have a voice-controlled smartphone or watch. In the event of a fall with no one around, this would be the best way to contact a loved one or emergency services.

Evergreen Senior Living prioritizes safety. We offer safety features and accommodations throughout our campus to ensure that residents can comfortably maneuver around. We also ensure that all walking areas are well-lit. For more information about how we ensure our residents' safety in our community, give us a call or visit our website today. 

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