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Ways to Prevent Senior Isolation


Many seniors can find themselves extremely isolated, especially in a time like this. As your loved one ages, keep in mind that it is common for their social activities to decrease. Their social connections may decline due to a lack of mobility, retirement, and other causes. The National Council of Aging estimates that one in six seniors that live alone face isolation barriers that cut them off from their peers and communities. Isolation is being in a place or situation that completely separates you from others. Caregivers must take extra measures to promote socialization among their loved ones. There are many causes of isolation in seniors, but there are also many ways to conquer this as well.

  • Visit your senior as often as you can. If you have a busy schedule, make shorter visits more frequently.

  • Talk about subjects that interest you. Who knows? You might benefit from his or her advice, and it can give them a feeling of worth and value.

  • Call your loved one regularly and encourage them to make calls to you as well. Make sure that the person can easily reach you.

  • Encourage your loved one to stay active and do activities with them if they are able. Maybe take a walk or bring over games and puzzles to do together.

  • Offer your help for personal care or housework. Styling hair or helping your loved one straighten or clean up can allow you to chat and to build a stronger relationship.

  • Show interest in the topics that are on his or her mind: daily life, health, hobbies, and problems they might be struggling with.

  • Invite them for lunch or dinner at your house. A change in setting might be good for them. Family meals are also a lovely opportunity to talk and enjoy each other's company.

  • Encourage your senior to join or sign up for various activities in their community like bingo, bridge, arts and crafts, church group, or game nights.

  • When you visit, bring your children or young family members that are available. Seniors often enjoy the company of children.

Evergreen Place in Champaign is proud to be a supportive community that offers compassionate services for your loved ones. With our active approach to everyday life, we are promoting positive interactions and daily success throughout our community. To learn more about our beautiful campus, watch a virtual tour online, or give us a call today 217-530-4300. 

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