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Festive Holiday Activities For Seniors

Festive-holiday-activities-for-seniors Holiday Activities For Seniors!

The holiday season is approaching quicker than we can say, "Santa Claus!" The holidays are all about spending time together, feeling included, and enjoying the good company – even if it's done virtually this year. This time of year can be fun for seniors, even if they have physical or cognitive limitations. As people start to spend more time with f...

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Best Gifts For Seniors This Christmas

ESL-Decatur-Dec-Blog-graphic Christmas Gifts For Seniors

Christmas is one of those holidays that just sneaks up on you! Before you know it, you're one week away from Christmas and haven't started wrapping any gifts. In fact, you haven't even bought all your gifts, it's 11 pm, and your child just told you they need glue for a project due tomorrow morning! Not to worry, we can help. Not with the glue, but ...

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The Importance of Creativity


 Since we were little, our minds have been using creativity and inventing in many different ways that have changed and evolved. When we were kids, we used it to develop new ideas for made-up games or bring our toys to life. As we matured and developed into young adults, we used it to help us in different projects and aspects of school. When we...

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Ways To Prevent A Common Winter Injury

OP-Dec-Blog-Graphic Ways To Prevent A Common Winter Injury!

As we approach winter, Evergreen Senior Living in Orland Park wants to provide our community with some helpful tips on preventing common winter injuries! Slipping and falling on ice and snow is a very common injury for people of all ages, but seniors are especially at risk. In fact, according to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of injury among ...

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Benefits of Seasonal Health in the Fall


As the leaves change and fall weather is in full swing in the Midwest, there are a lot of seasonal perks for your loved one to benefit from during the autumn months. Fall is a favorite time of year for many, and with cooler temperatures comes fun activities and different food. Food The rich taste and strong spices are in season, and some of the mos...

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