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Specialized Services at Evergreen Crossing & The Lofts

There may come a time when your loved one must be in the hospital for surgery, illness, or healing due to a fall. Once they can be released, often skilled rehabilitation is necessary before returning home. When faced with this situation Evergreen Crossing offers the services needed, at our premiere facility.

Short-Term and Transitional Care

Our short-term, nursing-home center in Indianapolis is a leader in providing seniors with skilled nursing care while preparing for the transition home. Our experienced nurses are skilled in taking care of recovery and post-surgical needs. And our therapy team will ensure that our seniors regain the skills, confidence, endurance, and strength for a successful transition home.

We strive to make transitioning back home as comfortable and effortless as possible. Each individual is treated based on their specific needs, goals, and overall health. This is accomplished through respectful, open communication with seniors, their healthcare providers and families. The entire caregiver support system will remain involved and well informed.

Transitional Therapy: RESTORE

As the program name implies, our goal is to help restore seniors’ health and strength once they’ve left the hospital so they can transition home safely and successfully. RESTORE is our exclusive brand of therapy. It is diagnosis specific, with the goal to bring positive results through physical therapy, respiratory care, neurological interventions, occupational therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, and speech therapy.

Within 24 hours of arrival, residents will receive a personal therapy evaluation. A customized plan is developed to offer each senior the greatest opportunity for success. To ensure seniors receive appropriate treatment based on their individualized program, our therapists offer programming seven days per week.

Our multifaceted, interdisciplinary approach involves the teamwork of medical professionals, skilled nurses, pharmaceutical staff, and therapists. With the help of physician oversight, rest assured seniors are supported and encouraged throughout their therapy sessions for successful rehabilitation.

At Evergreen Crossing, seniors have the option of a private or semi-private suite, which is designed to promote healing in a comfortable “at home” type of environment.